John J. Janda
P.O.Box 711
Mercedita, Puerto Rico 00715

(787) 840-5882 

January 1998 - August 1999 Interamerican University, Science & Technology Dept.,  Mercedita, Puerto Rico
Professor of  Computer Science
In charge of teaching classes with lecture and laboratory in MS Office automation (Excel and Access), PC hardware assembly and maintenance, digital circuit design, C++ data structures, Object Oriented Programming, Visual Basic, SQL, Java, web page design using Dynamic HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Windows NT real-time services system programming, Internet Explorer programming, and E-Commerce applications. 
May 1985 - October 1993 Raytheon Service Company,  Moorestown, New Jersey
Senior Programmer
Designed Microsoft-C text/code utilities and menu-driven interface to automate translation of Spanish Ada software for the International Air Traffic Control program. Analyzed and implemented fixes for graphics display and communication radar software. Conducted sofware code validation, test plan development, and QA testing.
September 1983 - May 1985 Chrysler Military Public Electronic Systems,  Huntsville, Alabama
Senior Engineer
Structured test procedures and developed the complete Power Director Operations Manual for the Philadelphia AMTRAK Network Control Center. Trained engineering and technical staff in the Motorola 68000 Assembler language and architecture. 
October 1982 - July 1983 Bendix Field Engineering Corporation,  Columbia, Maryland
Systems Analyst
Conducted system requirements analysis of satellite communications software. Performed cost/benefit evaluation of graphics microprocessor systems for the Goddard Space Flight Center.
July 1981 - June 1982 R.R.Donnelley & Sons Printing Company,  Chicago, Illinois
MIS Data Base Analyst
Maintained and modified IBM Job Control procedures and structured fields for corporate files linked to the ADABAS Data Dictionary System. 
January 1978 - January 1979 Messerschmitt Aircraft Company,  Augsburg, Germany
System Coordinator
Performed installation of  COBOL and Record Management System utilities. Developed inventory and production scheduling programs.
April 1976 - December 1977 Digital Equipment Company,  Munich, Germany
Computer Instructor
Developed computer laboratory workshops and multi-lingual training documentation. Held industrial on-site courses in operating systems.
July 1973 - March 1976 Vereinigte Glaswerke, Aachen, Germany
Process Analyst
Generated the IBM system disks driving the real-time acquisition,monitoring and control of the float glass production line.